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Timbits Softball Orientations Available To Your Association or Community

Softball Alberta, in conjunction with Softball Canada and the Timbits Softball Program (formerly Learn to Play) are happy to offer your association or community an orientation of the program between January and April. The orientation would include a presentation of the make-up of the Timbits Softball program, access to Timbits Softball resources, and a question and answer period.

In the past, Softball Alberta has witnessed communities embrace the Timbits Softball program, including it in their current year's registration process, and significantly increasing grassroots softball registrations in their communities. One town had over 60 kids register for their first year of ball, and all but one returned the following year - they enjoyed the program so much!

Please contact Softball Alberta if you are interested in an orientation for your Softball Association, City, or Town.

What is the Timbits Softball Program?

More information about the program can also be found on the Softball Canada website. Check out this awesome video from Softball New Brunswick's LTP program!