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Sterling Backcheck

The CAC has partnered with Sterling Backcheck to provide an online criminal record check process at a cost of $25 plus taxes per check. Sterling provides a secure database to store and share results and track progress of individual checks. However, it does not include the Vulnerable Sector Verification.

Softball Alberta has also implemented this program at our level. Our local associations are also invited to implement this program for their coaches & volunteers to get their checks done. If your local association signs up with Sterling, you will be listed under Softball Alberta on Sterling's website and will have the same abilities to get the checks done at a cost of $25 + taxes all online! For more information on how to sign up your association, contact Michele here at the office or call 780-461-7735 to speak with her.

Temporary Fences Available to rent

Warrior Athletic Association has 4 temporary diamonds fences to rent for your tournament or championship. Rental rates are very reasonable. Please contact Grant Taylor for more details: 780 318 2259 or grant@cityspring.com

Alberta Concussion Alliance

Alberta Concussion Alliance is a group who provide information and direction in the prevention, recognition and recovery of concussions. Their website has many valuable tools and resources to help all individuals in sport, whether it be coaches, players or parents. Visit their website to access all these tools or follow them on Twitter (@ABConAlli).


Co-op Community Spaces Program Grant

Co-op Community Spaces is a new funding program developed to help protect, beautify and enhance spaces in our local communities. Co-op will be contributing up to $1 million annually for capital projects dedicated to recreation, environmental conservation and urban agriculture. Click here for more information about this grant!